Wendy Klein reviews Scarlet Tiger in London Grip

Actually starting to write this review has been the ultimate challenge. Starting to write it meant ceasing to read it, and I have seldom been so reluctant to put a book down. Like Penelope tirelessly unpicking the day’s weaving each night, I have had to cross out my notes each time to begin again. To [...]

Martin Malone reviews ‘Scarlet Tiger’ in The Interpreter’s House

Scarlet Tiger reviewed by Martin Malone in the current issue (64) of The Interpreter's House.   You were right: it was never just about butterflies. Scarlet Tiger by Ruth Sharman. Templar Poetry. 78pp; £10.00, ISBN 978-1-911132-10-3. Five years on from my own – somewhat callow – Straid success, it’s a pleasantly humbling experience to encounter the [...]

Manchester Review: Ian Pople reviews Scarlet Tiger

Ian Pople Ruth Sharman, Scarlet Tiger (Templar Poetry, £10)     Ruth Sharman’s Scarlet Tiger comes some time after her first collection, Birth of the Owl Butterflies; its title poem a second place winner in the Arvon Poetry Competition. In this book too, there are poems about butterflies and Sharman’s father. Indeed the interest in, near obsession with, butterflies is [...]